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Super Hexagon
  • Super Hexagon is a minimal action game created by Terry Cavanagh, with the music by Chipzel. Ascend to the highest level, the greatest of all shapes, the perfect six sided hexagon. IGF 2013 Finalist! Excellence in Design category...
  • Played: 265.546 times
Party Interrupted
  • Bicycle game where you must avoid hitting rocks and jump wells road until you reach the goal. Use your keyboard to play....
  • Played: 7.320 times
Sekonda Ice Hockey
  • The game is to add points with every goal, also receive extra points to beat the defenders of the opposing team...
  • Played: 6.716 times
Puff's Skate Jam
  • The game is to reach the goal with your skate dodging various obstacles and collecting as many bones as possible....
  • Played: 9.797 times
Soccer Free Kicks
  • You have 20 seconds to kick the ball on goal, you can earn extra points if the ball touches the bubble bonus. Calculates the power and the shooting angle with your mouse....
  • Played: 20.493 times
Football one against one
  • Turn goals and prevents your opponent win you, you can play against the computer or against another player....
  • Played: 16.735 times
World Soccer Champion
  • Take your team to the final of the world championship and win the Soccer World Cup!...
  • Played: 10.013 times
Series of football penalty kicks
  • Kick a series of penalties your keyboard and mouse....
  • Played: 14.811 times
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