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Turbo Racing 2
  • New circuits! Drive at full speed through the streets of the city competing against other sports cars. You can use the turbo to beat your opponents. Use your profits to unlock upgrades for your car and avoid being eliminated in the contr...
  • Played: 33.710 times
ParaJumper 1
  • You are launched from aircraft landing and must achieve in the circle to win. Use your keyboard to position yourself. ...
  • Played: 7.750 times
Canyon Glider
  • Take career and begin to flight, to begin to play you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard, press alternately left and right arrows to start. ...
  • Played: 10.936 times
Puppy Delta Flying
  • The game is to fly the glider while avoiding obstacles and taking the items for some extra points....
  • Played: 7.284 times
Surf up
  • Incredible surfing game where you must surf along the coast, doing different tricks and jumps!...
  • Played: 17.708 times
Wave Jumper
  • Define your jumping angle and speed before jumping to reach as far as possible!...
  • Played: 15.234 times
Surfing in the city
  • Surf through small water channels in the city, avoiding obstacles and accumulate bonus points with some items. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar on your keyboard to play....
  • Played: 19.244 times
Wipeout Surf
  • You have 30 seconds to add the most points doing tricks in the water and surfing the waves. ...
  • Played: 11.603 times
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