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A-Patch 1.40 para Live Messenger 8.5
  • A-Patch para Windows Live Messenger añade, quita, corta, retoca, modifica, pinta y colorea. Es increíble la cantidad de modificaciones que A-Patch te permite hacerle a Windows Live Messenger....
  • Downloaded 2.821 times
MsgDiscovey for Live Messenger
  • MessengerDiscovey Live is a free Windows Live Messenger add-on, it adds extra features to your MSN,You can tell which of your contacts have deleted you, imitate your contacts, remove advertisements and protect your custom emoticons....
  • Downloaded 2.833 times
Messenger Plus! Live 4.50.312
  • Sonidos personalizados, pestañas para agrupar las conversaciones, estado personalizado, contactos en el Escritorio, más de una instancia simultánea del programa (poligamia) y combinación de teclas para ocultar Windows Live, son alguna...
  • Downloaded 31.251 times
Pidgin 2.5.1 for Windows
  • Pidgin, formerly known as Gaim, is a client instant messaging free software released under the GNU GPL. Until April 2007, Pidgin was known as Gaim, but the words "AIM" and "IM" were recorded by AOL (amer...
  • Downloaded 1.932 times
Ayttm 0.5.0 for Windows
  • Ayttm is a instant messaging client, multi-protocol and multi-platform, its free software released under the GNU GPL. It has the basic functions of most messengers and in turn incorporat...
  • Downloaded 1.307 times
aMSN 0.97.2 for Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
  • aMSN is an alternative instant messaging client based on the official MSN protocol and published under the GPL license, namely that ensures the free promotion, distribution, use...
  • Downloaded 10.415 times
Mercury Messenger 1.9.2 for Windows
  • Mercury Messenger is a free MSN client developed entirely in Java. One advantage of being developed in Java is that it is compatible with different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and ...
  • Downloaded 3.295 times
- Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302.1018
  • Windows Live Messenger es la última versión de MSN Messenger, el famoso programa de mensajería instantánea de Microsoft. Tiene todo lo que ya tenía MSN Messenger y le añade algunas mejoras de funcionalidad y apariencia....
  • Downloaded 33.057 times
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