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Anahi Make Up
  • Helps to make up Anahi, choose her eyelashes, hair color, eye color, makeup, piercings and much more!...
  • Played 26.025 times
Lady Gaga Makeup Makeover
  • Funny game where you have to put makeup and fashion accessories to the popular pop diva Lady Gaga. Combine different fashion accessories, hairstyles, makeup, hair colors and more!...
  • Played 25.525 times
decorate a perfumery
  • Sorts the elements of the perfumery to be able to start selling! ...
  • Played 23.399 times
  • Choose a girl and begins to cut her hair! ...
  • Played 20.966 times
Dressing for work
  • Dress up the girl in work clothes, you can choose between police, nurse, housewife, among many others. ...
  • Played 20.806 times
Brad Pitt Make Up
  • Change the look of Brad Pitt....
  • Played 19.117 times
Dress up the girl to school
  • Help the girl to dress to go to school. Drag the clothes to the girl. ...
  • Played 17.579 times
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