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Dress the baby
  • Drag the items you want to dress your baby using your mouse....
  • Played 15.038 times
Decorate the zoo
  • Sorts the elements of the zoo as you want!...
  • Played 16.842 times
Angelina Jolie Make Up
  • Helps make up to Angelina Jolie!...
  • Played 14.049 times
Lucy manicure
  • Help Lucy to settle their nails....
  • Played 9.307 times
Brad Pitt Make Up
  • Change the look of Brad Pitt....
  • Played 19.989 times
Flava manicure
  • Choose one of the girls and begins to settle their nails!...
  • Played 14.389 times
Jennifer Aniston Make Up
  • Help with makeup for Jennifer Aniston as you want!...
  • Played 18.089 times
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