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Skate on the street
  • Walk the streets with your skate, avoiding obstacles and picking up bonus points with tool boxes and other useful objects. ...
  • Played 15.511 times
Skate Challenge 6teen
  • Select your player and the speed of the game and start your skate dodge obstacles....
  • Played 14.051 times
Skate Tokyo
  • dodge obstacles with your skate on the streets of the city of Tokyo....
  • Played 10.413 times
Skate Park
  • Try to get as many points in the period of the game, use your arrow keys and the spacebar to make rounds in the air and accumulate points....
  • Played 16.009 times
Puff's Skate Jam
  • The game is to reach the goal with your skate dodging various obstacles and collecting as many bones as possible....
  • Played 12.249 times
Skateboard Girl
  • Use your mouse to dodge obstacles in the road with your skateboard! ...
  • Played 9.990 times
Upipe Skateboard
  • In this game you must perform impressive tricks on your skateboard as the track moves up and down at breakneck speed. To win you have to entertain the audience by performing different tricks that will be needed to bea...
  • Played 32.532 times
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