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About the "Quien te admite" services

This text was created to clarify the confusion at present regarding the possibility of knowing contacts that have blocked a user from their list of contacts from MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, known usually as "who admits you" or "quien te admite". Due to the large number of e-mails and messages received daily by our technical support requesting the service, we have decided to create this new entry.

At present, and long, is completely impossible to know who has blocked your from MSN. The confusion has arisen some years ago when it was discovered a bug in the MSN Messenger and a lot of websites has offered this service online, but this bug was corrected by the development team of MSN in a few months, so that ceased to be useful, although they can still actually claim you find out "who has blocked you" or "quien te admite".

The use of such sites generally involves a risk, because to analyze an account of MSN Messenger is necessary to enter the logon information, e-mail address and password, and the fact it's entered into a website Unofficial involve risks, especially if this site offer a service that it is not technically prepared to offer.

In short, it is totally impossible to know who has blocked you from MSN Messenger in a direct way, and the total number of sites that claim they can do so simply let you know who has removed you from their list of contacts, something that is possible to know from the official client of MSN Messenger or WLM, and even easier in other alternative messengers as Pidgin, Emesene or aMsn. One of the indirect methods to discover who has blocked you, is to try to discover the real state of a MSN contact, using tools such as the real MSN contacts status checker of MessenTools, but it is a method that probably will not work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to know who has blocked you in MSN Messenger directly?

No, this is now completely impossible.

It is possible to know who has removed you from MSN Messenger directly?

Yes, this is possible. You can know it from the MSN Messenger client, in the option of privacy, and even more directly in other alternative instant messengers based on the MSN protocol as Pidgin, Emesene or aMsn. There is also a multitude of services online available that offers an ordered list of contacts that have deleted you, but this will always involve an extra risk because you provide your logon information to a non official MSN site.

Realizing the risks that this entails, what online services of MSN removed check do you recommend?

To obtain an ordered list of contacts that have deleted you or contacts with which the removal was mutual, we recommend using our service of verification (Who has removed me from MSN?) or the service provided by our partner EliminadoMSN, based on our analysis algorithm.

Additional Clarification: There are several websites that have copied exactly the look of EliminadoMSN and promises you know who has blocked you from their list, we widely recommend you not enter your data into these fraudulent sites, as it is very likely to have been made in order to obtain e-mail and data access to MSN accounts. Some of these fraudulent sites are tumsn(.net), tumsn(.com), tumsnlive(.net) and tumsnlive(.com.ar).