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Surfing in the city
  • Surf through small water channels in the city, avoiding obstacles and accumulate bonus points with some items. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar on your keyboard to play....
  • Played 21.189 times
Wave Jumper
  • Define your jumping angle and speed before jumping to reach as far as possible!...
  • Played 16.785 times
Bogan Surf
  • Use your keyboard to surf and earn points. Use the space bar....
  • Played 12.427 times
Wipeout Surf
  • You have 30 seconds to add the most points doing tricks in the water and surfing the waves. ...
  • Played 13.433 times
Surf Mania
  • In this game you have to surf with your board on the waves, and collect as many stars as possible to achieve the required score and climb to a new level before time runs out!...
  • Played 17.986 times
Surf up
  • Incredible surfing game where you must surf along the coast, doing different tricks and jumps!...
  • Played 19.354 times
Surf's Up
  • Surf the waves in this interesting game, use the space bar and arrow keys on your keyboard to play ...
  • Played 10.836 times
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