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aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux

aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux

aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux

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Name: aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux
Category: Alternative MSN Clients
Platform: Linux
Official website: click here
Version: 0.97.2
Release Date: August 3, 2008
Downloaded: 4.361 times | Seen: 29.193 times

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Description of aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux

aMsn is an alternative instant messaging client based on the official MSN protocol and published under the GPL license, namely that ensures the free promotion, distribution, use and modification.

His name, aMsn, comes from its creator Alvaro Iradier, namely Alvaro's Messenger.

Its original purpose was to make it easier for new Linux users to migrate from Windows without losing most of the functionality of their favorite Instant Messenger, the official MSN Messenger client of Microsoft, because years ago the world of instant messaging in Linux lacked alternatives for the average user friendly Windows and focused on the basic use of the messengers without too many additions, probably because the target user is not required.

Over time and with the greatest popularity of this operating system, alternatives to the client MSN official began to appear and make progress and aMSN was a bit neglected, but still large number of followers and continuous updating and adding new features in each new version, increasingly diminishing the gap of functionality with the MSN Messenger official client of Microsoft.

In addition to much of the features and functionality of the official MSN Messenger program, aMSN incorporates some extra features such as the possibility of using alarms, save the avatars history of contacts and connect with different accounts of MSN at once (also known as Polygamy), among others. Following the listing of the main features of aMSN.

Main features of aMSN 0.97.2

- It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD operating systems.
- It is based on the #13 version of the MSN protocol (MSNP13).
- Allows you to receive, send and manage custom emoticons.
- It is consistent with the use of emoticons, animated emoticons, and emoticons with sound.
- Currently supports over 40 languages.
- It is compatible with MSN nudges.
- Supports the use of WebCam.
- Allows you to change their appearance completely using Skins.
- Supports the use of aggregates and Plugins to enhance its functionality, and consists of a community of developers who bring these Plugins for free.
- Allows grouping several conversations in one window using a system of tabs.
- Holds support for voice conferences.
- Total compatibility with the group system of MSN contacts.
- Allows to save the History of talks, events and contacts avatars.
- Allows to add and manage event alarms.
- Supports multiple file transfers between contacts with an unlimited transfer rate.
- Allows the management of MSN Spaces.
- Supports the use of anti-aliasing in their fonts, thereby rendering achieves fonts of high quality.
- Allows sending messages to contacts in disconnected mode or invisible mode.
- Supports the use of personal messages in the user nickname.
- Includes support for displaying the name of the song that the user is listening at that moment in his nickname.
- It is consistent with the use of Winks (using a specific Plugin).
- Allows to send and receive voice clips.
- Allows to check e-mail accounts, not only the MSN user current account's, but other POP3 accounts, using a specific Plugin.
- Allows to easily determine if an user has removed you from its contacts list.
- It is consistent with the use Games between contacts.
- Allows to record webcam sessions.


This article corresponds to aMsn 0.97.2 Linux version.

Download aMsn for Linux, available options:

1) Generic Instalacion Files. Autopackage
These packages are created with the Autopackage manager, to be installed, you can follow the instructions for making Autopackage clicking here.

- aMsn Installer for Tcl/Tk 8.4. Distribution independent installer for Linux systems with Tcl/Tk 8.4.

- aMsn Installer for Tcl/Tk 8.5. Distribution independent installer for Linux systems with Tcl/Tk 8.5 final version.

2) Linux Distribution Repositories. Some Linux distributions include in their official repositories the aMSN program, thus the installation is simpler and do not need to download and install the program manually, also you can obtain a version compiled for your specific distro. The Linux distributions that include aMSN in their repositories are:

- Debian. Debian aMsn repositories.
- Fedora. Install aMsn in Fedora.
- Gentoo. Gentoo aMsn repositories.
- Ubuntu. Ubuntu aMsn repositories.

3) File source (aMsn sources).The aMsn source files let you build the program on your own distribution of Linux

4) Development Snapshot SVN version. Latest version of development. This version is available for users who wish to test or use the unstable latest version, but bearing in mind that this version is not stable and that surely will contain bugs and other errors.


aMSN Downloads available for other operating systems:

- aMsn 0.97.2 for Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.
- aMsn 0.97.2 for Windows 95.
- aMsn 0.97.2 for Mac OS X (Universal).

Screenshoots aMsn 0.97.2 for Linux

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